Blockchain platform for app developers

Indium is an Ethereum-compatible blockchain network, focused on utility apps & public goods.


How it works



Because your app will be powered by native, not custom, tokens, your users do not need to go to an exchange and buy Ethers just to use your app. This eliminates user-friction, especially in countries like India where regulations have become tricky.


Avoids regulatory risk

The validator nodes are not anonymous. This helps the apps to comply with KYC, AML & other laws, when appropriate.


Aligned incentives

Indium utilizes ideas from cryptoeconomics like proof-of-stake, proofed token-curated registries etc to ensure the long-term health of the ecosystem.


It's all about the developers

Indium's architecture is carefully tuned for making great apps possible.


Developers can use all standard development tools like Metamask, Solidity, Truffle etc.

Proof of Authority

Our consensus algorithm makes transactions fast & cheap. Majority among signers is required to add a new block.

Good Governance

The signer nodes will be run by reputed, public, non-anonymous organizations. Decisions will be made by proof of stake voting.

Proof of Progress

Projects are given the token grant only upon achieving their milestones.

Finite supply

Unlike Ethereum or Stellar, Indium tokens are minted only at the beginning and can never be created again.

Stay tuned!

Our community is working on some exciting apps powered by Indium.

About Us

We are an open, public and not-for-profit community of blockchain developers who decided to set up a new blockchain platform to overcome technical and regulatory challenges. We are entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, cryptographers, venture capitalists, bankers and policy analysts.


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